Valentine’s Day massacre

Valentine’s Day massacre

LC sports teams go 4-for-4 Saturday

LC brings another successful ‘Follow the Star’

LC brings another successful ‘Follow the Star’

'Christmas on the Hill' and 'Gala' add to festive weekend


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Valentine’s Day massacreValentine’s Day massacre

LC sports teams go 4-for-4 Saturday


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LC brings another successful ‘Follow the Star’LC brings another successful ‘Follow the Star’

'Christmas on the Hill' and 'Gala' add to festive weekend

Freedom, faith and family

by Wildcat Staff

Santorum brings conservative message to cap LC's candidates week

In what was an historic week at Louisiana College, the end could not have come in a more fitting manner.

Former Pennsylvania Senator and current Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum seemed to connect with his audience at Granberry Conference Center Friday night as much as any of the candidates did by presenting an evening that spotlighted three main areas: freedom, faith and family.

The "freedom" could not be missed as Santorum spoke in front of a large banner with those very words hanging behind him. His speech was also seasoned with point about liberty and the need to quell an ever-growing government.

The "faith" was sprinkled throughout the speech as Santorum spoke of the importance of God in the public discourse especially when it comes to rights granted under the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Finally, "family" was a major theme - though Santorum was not traveling with his, but he did have a pretty good substitute. Several members of the well-known Duggar family accompanied Santorum in his campaign throughout Louisiana Thursday and Friday. Oldest brother Josh and his wife, Anna, were accompanied by several of the other Duggar children and clearly stated their support of Santorum who himself is a father of seven. Also at the event was the sister duo "First Love" which recently recorded what is now Santorum's theme song - "Game On." Camille and Haley Harris played that song before Santorum took the stage.

More to come from Friday from Wildcats Media, but here is the full speech that Santorum delivered before an enthusiastic audience:

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