Valentine’s Day massacre

Valentine’s Day massacre

LC sports teams go 4-for-4 Saturday

LC brings another successful ‘Follow the Star’

LC brings another successful ‘Follow the Star’

'Christmas on the Hill' and 'Gala' add to festive weekend


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Valentine’s Day massacreValentine’s Day massacre

LC sports teams go 4-for-4 Saturday


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LC brings another successful ‘Follow the Star’LC brings another successful ‘Follow the Star’

'Christmas on the Hill' and 'Gala' add to festive weekend

LC Nursing hits another milestone

by Steve Maxwell

Accelerated program scores 100-percent in license exams

The Louisiana College School of Nursing has recorded its third straight year where 100-percent of students in the accelerated nursing program passed their professional nursing licensure examinations.

“We are absolutely delighted,” said LC Dean of Nursing Dr. Kimberly Sharp. “This is just something that has surpassed everything we have ever imagined. Our students have done extremely well.”

The accelerated nursing program allows students with a prior degree to obtain a nursing degree in a year, rather than the typical four years. Just because the program is accelerated, however, does not mean it is easy.

“The program is accelerated, not abbreviated,” Sharp stressed. “Once they sign up they get no breaks and are mine. This is a very intense program.”

The accelerated nursing program’s success has even come as a bit of a surprise for Dr. Sharp, especially when it first started.

“Keeping a 100 percent pass rate is kind of unprecedented for us,” Sharp said. “We really have not expected a first time pass rate at that level.”

Of course, students go to college with the goal of one day getting a job, but for LC students, nursing is much more than a job.

“This is a ministry, this is not just a job to go out and make money,” Sharp said. “We are here to make nursing a ministry for Christ.”

The LC nursing program has become an attractive pick for area students for several reasons. In addition to high pass rates for licensure, LC boasts one of the best simulation centers in state for hands-on work. LC couples this hands-on work with a commitment to maintaining a low faculty-to-student ratio, which creates a personal feel within the program.

All of these factors have contributed to the success of LC’s nursing program and make it a popular and growing choice for individuals considering a change in career.

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