‘Coming full circle’

‘Coming full circle’

Bankston looks to return LC softball to 'elite level'

LC brings another successful ‘Follow the Star’

LC brings another successful ‘Follow the Star’

'Christmas on the Hill' and 'Gala' add to festive weekend


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‘Coming full circle’‘Coming full circle’

Bankston looks to return LC softball to 'elite level'


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LC brings another successful ‘Follow the Star’LC brings another successful ‘Follow the Star’

'Christmas on the Hill' and 'Gala' add to festive weekend


LC VPAA makes SACS clarification

by Wildcat Staff

Dr. Wright and Mark Klein discuss LC SACS progress

Wildcats Media's Mark Klein sat down with Louisiana College Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Travis Wright to discuss the latest information concerning the college's warning status with SACS.

In addition to the recorded interview, Dr. Wright released the following information:

First and foremost, Louisiana College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). In December, the institution received information that it would again be on warning status for another 12 months due to non-compliance with the following standards: 2.5,,,, 3.5.1, and 3.7.1.

This result was a marked improvement from where the institution was a year ago when LC was found out of compliance with 13 different standards. The institution has made great strides in developing the appropriate infrastructure which should enable the institution to demonstrate compliance after this second year of warning.

Particular attention has been placed on Research-based Strategic Planning and Assessment (2.5), Academic Program Assessment (, Administrative Support Assessment (, Academic and Student Support Service Assessment (, Central Core Curriculum Assessment (3.5.1), and Ensuring Accuracy of Faculty Files (3.7.1). Research-based assessment, evaluation, and planning must be systemic components of institutional life in order to demonstrate complete compliance with the standards in question. Louisiana College has developed processes which seek to demonstrate compliance. Over the next year these processes will be strengthened and more fully incorporated into campus life.

Accreditation is essential to the intrinsic value of a college education. Louisiana College seeks to ensure that its students receive a high-quality college education in an environment marked by conservative Christian values. To achieve this, Louisiana College is addressing all of the issues identified by SACS in a timely manner. Louisiana College will receive a SACS evaluation team in October 2013 which will evaluate the progress made by the college. The board of trustees of SACS will determine the adequacy of the work completed by Louisiana College during their annual meeting in December 2013. The warning status does not impact the validity or quality of the education received by currently enrolled students or recent graduates.

Watch our interview with Dr. Wright:

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